Cleaning Services Price

Cleaning prices from 'Cleaning windows London'are some of the best in Greater London. All our cleaning services are delivered by highly trained local professionals.

Give us a call on Free Phone: 08001577415 or 07525784060 and find out how Nick's window cleaners can save you money and let you reclaim your precious free time with friendly, effective cleaning services.


  • Outside Window Cleaning - £4 per standard size double window. Minimum charge is £35
  • Inside Window Cleaning - £2 per standard size double window. Minimum charge apply.


  • One bedroom flat £20
  • Two bedroom flat £22
  • Two bedroom house £25
  • Three bedroom house £30
  • Four bedroom house £35

All prices are for external windows cleaning. For inside windows clean the price is the same as the outside price.

The price does not include second floors, loft conversions glass porches, sky lights and conservatories.

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Prices vary depending on the size, fabric and general layout of the carpets to be cleaned. Please call our office staff on 07525784060 for more information and a free price quotation. Example prices include:

  • Single Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £22
  • Dibble Bedroom £28
  • Living Room Carpet Cleaning £40
  • Three-Seat Sofa Upholstery Cleaning £55
  • 1 pair short Curtains £30